Partner Integration

A problem that is ongoing and growing with many practices is how to find a practical and equitable method of integrating new practice partners into its real estate entity. Too often, partners opt for the wrong answer and sell the real estate to a third party, depriving everyone of multiple benefits of ownership. The right answer is to integrate the new members into the real estate. But to do that, there are several hurdles that seem difficult for many groups to clear.

Hurdle 1 – Satisfying the Current Real Estate Partners

Hurdle 2 – Satisfying the Incoming Real Estate Partners

Hurdle 3 – Securing the Financing to Support the Purchase and Sale Structure

The CMAC Solution

  • Make buy-in affordable for new members,
  • Pay exiting members the full equity that was due,
  • Minimize tax consequences, and
  • Create a model that could be repeated and was self-perpetuating to serve the members into the future.