Why CMAC Partners


We deliver customized results through DATA, LEVERAGE, & EXPERTISE.

Performance Based – The Risk is all Ours:


Creating Leverage and Moving the Market:


Knowledge is Power:


CMAC’s considerable influence moves the market:


Experience is Everything:


Performance Based – The Risk is all Ours:

  • We need to be transparent with you, with our banking partners, and with ourselves. We need to create and demonstrate transparency through the honesty and integrity of our work - our reputation relies on it. If we have not made a compelling argument for you to move forward with one of our proposals, we have not succeeded. We are very selective with our clients; picking and choosing who we work with to align ourselves with the very best. When you entrust CMAC with your next financial step, you increase your buying power and partner for life.

  • Creating Leverage and Moving the Market:

  • We work with you to help keep you focused on running your successful practice. Our objectives are the same – if we don’t succeed, you don’t succeed. We are built to capture the voluminous flow of banking data and the intense workload of closing.

  • Knowledge is Power:

  • We create a real-time frame of reference for you to decipher banking data and present true side by side banking comparisons. On average, we vet 15 to 18 banks with a tailored proposal including rate and term recommendations. From engagement to bank closing, we take on the heavy lifting for you. We manage multiple banks during the process, compile the data, aligning the best rates and terms, and work to exceed your goals and objectives.

  • CMAC’s considerable influence moves the market:

  • We make your voice heard in the local, regional, and national banking communities.We create and manage a well-structured data-driven conversation between you and your bank. Our BEST PRACTICES: drive the market

  • Experience is Everything:

  • We would not be so presumptuous as to make a decision for you; we only present the very best options to you. We share the proposals and we make the process manageable and effective while simplifying an often-one-sided banking discussion. Your needs drive the data and our work drives the results.