March 3, 2020

When your medical group is producing more than $100 MM in annual revenue and has a CEO with the ability to communicate directly with the president of one of the most powerful banks west of the Mississippi, you might believe that you have the most favorable lending terms possible.

That is until your bank faces the pressure of globalization – the practice of bringing credible pressure from more competitive areas outside of the local market.

In this case, CMAC Partners reached across the continental divide to produce competition that pushed rates and terms to more borrower-favorable levels than had ever been witnessed in this borrower’s region. At the time of this writing, the indicative 10-year fixed rate was 2.31%, reflecting a 50 to 100 basis point improvement that is not unusual in such instances. The loan amount approached $50 MM and there were no personal guarantees.

According to CMAC’s Director of Finance, this marks the 4th such instance of globalized reductions brought forth by CMAC for its clients in the first two months of 2020.

“Each loan proposal serves as a benchmark for the ones that follow and we do not see this trend abating for some time to come.”

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