Client Experiences

What Our Clients Say

We have been fortunate to receive the support and confidence of hundreds of medical groups who have allowed us the opportunity to represent their best interest and most valuable assets.

"One of the last things I heard Dr. Powell say before he left tonight was how great it was to have you up here on behalf of the CMAC team to present that info. I agree - you explained it clearly and in simple terms. I've learned a lot from your team. You guys are great.'
Eric Olson, CFO - Orthopedic Physicians Anchorage

"Thank you for your help and guidance as we picked this up. Truly appreciated but not unexpected from CMAC. You all are great to work with."
Ben Shah, CFO - Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

"CMAC was incredible to work with. They were professional throughout the entire process.  Their efficiency and thoroughness was amazing. They were able to explain the process in ways that allowed me to understand it. Every person I worked with exceeded my expectations.  I would not hesitate to use CMAC on future projects."
Kayo Elliot, CEO - Athens Orthopaedic Clinic

"I have been a CFO for a “long time” and have greatly varied experiences but I had never heard of CMAC before. I was very impressed by the competence and professionalism of your group.  Your team was very responsive to any questions that I had and was incredibly helpful to me on this transaction. It was a very well run project and I think that we all benefitted from working together. "
Tom Foley, CFO - Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

"Thanks to you and your team for the great service. We have done a few financings over the last several years and none have gone as smoothly as this."
Ron Thompson, CFO - Cancer Specialists of North Florida

"Thanks for the great work here. Amazing process and almost completed. Makes us happy to just stick with surgery!"
Houston Payne, MD - Georgia Hand, Shoulder & Elbow, PC

"I, for one, could never have gotten through this without each and every one of you. You are truly amazing people whom I do not only consider colleagues but new friends. For that I am forever grateful."
Kathi Maxwell, Administrator - California Eye Institute

"I wanted to let you know the process this time around to refinance our loans was great. A very professional effort. I thought the coordination between all the parties was outstanding right down to the very last minute. I think you under sell the value of the service your group provides to both the borrower and the bank. Our banker just commented to me how impressed he was as to how smooth things went."
Bill Hyncik, CEO - Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

"I really appreciate the CMAC team facilitating these efficient calls.  You make a cumbersome process seem streamlined!"
Sami Spencer, CEO - Missoula Bone and Joint

"I appreciate the sentiments and know that we would probably still be fumbling around with this process if you hadn’t kept us organized and moving forward. Even though I was relying on CMAC to help with financing, their efforts and commitment to drive the closing of the deal was more than I could have expected. That was definitely a value-add service for TOA."
Chuck Williams, CFO - Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance

"At the start of this process, I had the mistaken impression that our main reason for engaging your services was to secure a more favorable interest rate. While the interest rate is important, I now understand and appreciate all of the additional value you and your team have provided. Thanks for your hard work and diligence. Yes we are excited to move on to the next phase and we are grateful for all of your help in getting us here. We really couldn’t have done it without you."
Dr. Brian Applebaum, Physician Owner and Managing Partner - The Oregon Clinic - Gastroenterology South

"A perfectly orchestrated refinancing; you couldn't ask for more!"
Gene Austin, CEO - Columbia Orthopaedic Group, LLP

"'Wow' is all I can say about the services and support you provided us throughout the refinancing project. You all made the process seamless."
Mary Parikh, CFO - Virginia Eye Institute

"Thanks for doing most of the 'heavy lifting' on the dealings with the Bank. We appreciate your spirit to get to the middle. You have helped move a number of important issues our direction – in particular the 'non-disturbance clause' on the leases. Thank you."
Clark Williams, Attorney to Borrower - Willamette ENT

"Thank you so much for your knowledge, support and professionalism. You guys are the best. This was my 5th major real estate refinancing in the past 33 years. At the closing, I felt very prepared. There were no unanswered questions and no open items to address post-closing. The entire closing took 90 minutes. Thank you again for being there for me and helping me get my points across in a professional manner to the bank. I am looking forward to a great relationship with the bank and his team. Thank you for getting it started in a positive manner."
Bill Hyncik, CEO - Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

"TOC was unable to accomplish on it's own what CMAC did for us. We wouldn't have had the 'Best Deal' without CMAC."
Martin Shipman, CFO - Tallahassee Orthopaedic Clinic

"I don’t think we could have had a better team or a better result."
Charles Eckstein, MD - Urology Associates, P.C.

"Thanks for walking through the process with us. Great job on the rates and SWAP documents. Appreciated the input as well as the overview of all the legal financial documents. It was great to have an extra set of eyes on our recent financing and a knowledgable team behind us to make it over all of the hurdles. CMAC's process created leverage in the local market that we wouldn't have been able to create on our own. I look forward to working with the CMAC team again in the future."
Dave Blaeuer, Executive Director - First State Orthopaedics