April 24, 2017

The Wakeup Call – A CMAC Partners’ RFP

It’s a recurring theme that makes our clients a little bit crazy. How, after an extended negotiation with their bank who may have won a bid and assured the borrower that they were as low as they could go, could they move so much lower in response to a CMAC RFP?

There are two keys that CMAC holds which are used on behalf of our clients to make the “lowest possible price” a starting point. Those keys are leverage and data. CMAC secured nearly a half billion dollars in financing last year exclusively in physician-owned real estate. That’s a big stick to wield on behalf of any medical group. Secondly, CMAC sees hundreds of proposals from every part of the country every month and uses those proposals to “globalize” the markets and bring the most aggressive pricing to that borrower’s local market.

The examples below represent borrowers who received improved offers from the incumbent bank after CMAC’s RFP and the amount of that improvement.

GroupLocationAdditional Reduction from Incumbent Bank after CMAC RFP ( bps)
Surgical Hospital and MOBsPhildephia, PA77
Orthopaedic MOBOlympia, WA60
MOBLafayette, LA100
MOBTyler, TX154
MOB / ASCFresno, CA93
MOBMoline, IL75
Surgical HospitalBaton Rouge, LA163
Multi Specialty ClinicLexington, KY70