Case Study

Augusta Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists

Case Study Details

Financing Type:
Buy-ins & Buyouts, Rate Modification
Client Success Program Experiences

2014 – Augusta Orthopedics aimed to refinance its existing owner-occupied property and to finance a new ASC. The closing resulted in lowered interest rates and savings for the group.

2018 – The group returned to CMAC to refinance its MOB and now-constructed ASC and leverage up in order to facilitate partner buy-ins.

2020 – In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, CMAC reached out to Augusta Orthopedics after identifying refinance opportunities due to significant rate movement. With the current environment, CMAC recognized a rate improvement of more than 1% and a substantial reduction in interest expense. CMAC approached the group’s bank to negotiate a rate modification, ultimately securing nearly $500K of interest savings. CMAC also coordinated with the bank to close on a land loan for the group, all with no fee to the group.

2021 – Augusta Orthopedics is set to merge with Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute, combining four owner-occupied properties between the two groups. The group turned to CMAC for assistance in structuring equal ownership between the physician-owners.

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