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Eye Surgeons Associates

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Project Type:
Refinance and Leverage Up
Client Success Program Experiences

2015 – This group wanted to take advantage of a substantially lower rate from a new bank, but the appraisals came in over a million dollars lower than a few years prior, leaving a shortfall. CMAC was able to craft a creative structure to allow the refinance to occur without cash out of pocket, leaving the group to enjoy improved cash flow.

2022 – With CMAC’s routine client follow up, the group realized there was an opportunity for improvement in its financing for its terming loan. With the need to refinance a loan for three properties, the practice partners hoped to create significant savings. Initially, the incumbent bank did not want to offer the group an opportunity to leverage up, but after CMAC’s involvement of procuring proposals from other lenders, the incumbent realized the need to be competitive and ultimately offered an attractive proposal. CMAC also negotiated the offer a forward locked rate one month in advance of the closing date due to the rising rate environment.