Case Study

Premier Bone & Joint Centers

Case Study Details

Financing Type:
Reduce Buy-ins & Fund Buyouts
Client Success Program Experiences

2019 – This orthopedic center refinanced its MOB to achieve improved rates and to free capital to be used in a new construction project. The incumbent bank made substantial improvements, providing a low 10-year fixed rate while eliminating personal guarantees.

2022 – After CMAC performed its routine client follow up, the group realized they wanted to secure $7,000,000 of new debt to reduce buy-ins and payoff partner buyouts. CMAC did not initiate the normal RFP process, but instead worked directly with the group’s incumbent bank to create a streamlined, seamless process for this financing. Knowing that CMAC had the ability to vet the market for other proposals, however, prompted the incumbent to offer a favorable option to the group. CMAC also enabled the bank to hold the rate amidst a rising-rate environment. During the period between the initial offer and closing, the market rose by over 1%. The partners were happy to secure the needed debt with an attractive rate.