Wisconsin Institute of Urology

Project Details

Financing Type:
Refinance & Leverage Up
2023 - This returning client aimed to refinance its existing debt and leverage up in order to facilitate more affordable buy-ins and buyouts. Additionally, the partners had become disappointed with their current lender relationship and felt they needed a new banking partner. CMAC modeled analyses to illustrate how the group could improve cash flows and maximize cash out, and assisted in the process of unwinding a swap that was in the money, leading to over $800,000 cash out to the doctors.

The acting CEO had temporarily stepped in to lead the group, so CMAC’s educational presentations regarding the financing and interest rate swap assisted in the objectives to enhance the economic outcomes. Ultimately, the group found a lender that was a better fit and restructured its financing to promote the sustainability of the practice’s real estate investments.

2017 - The practice doctors wished to build and equip a new main office with surgery center, minimizing cash and guarantees required. Neither of the practice’s then-current banks were able to deliver. CMAC was brought in to vet the market through its RFP process, resulting in superior financing which met the goals. The doctors were pleased to accomplish their dream of a brand new Urology Center with little cash or liability.