Our Team

Shannon Stocker, MD

Physician Liaison

Shannon facilitates communication and relationship-building with physicians who own their medical real estate. She is an original founder of CMAC who recently rejoined the team following an eight-year hiatus to raise two children and write books for kids. Originally from Cleveland, Shannon received a B.S. in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University, an M.S. in Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology, and an M.D., from the University of Louisville. She intended to do a residency in pediatrics, but was derailed by her own seven-year medical battle as a patient. Now in remission, Shannon is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Cassidy, a brain cancer warrior, and Tye. She lives in Louisville, KY, where she advocates for kids with disabilities and continues to write children's books in her free time.


Cleveland, OH


Northwestern University (B.S. in Learning Disabilities); University of Louisville (M.S. in Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology, M.D.)

Favorite black and white movie or TV program?

Schindler's List and Young Frankenstein

Team you would most NOT want to win the national football collegiate championship?


Best concert you ever attended?

OneRepublic and U2