October 20, 2023

Imagine going on a road trip in your brand-new electric car. Would you risk starting a 12-hour drive, hoping there are charging stations along the way? Or would you plan ahead and pinpoint the necessary stops?

When embarking on a journey that involves potential heavy traffic, road closures, or unexpected weather conditions, it’s best to assess the alternative routes and expected rest stops to ensure battery charging and service plazas are available where needed. Having a well-prepared plan before going on an adventure like this increases the odds that you’ll successfully and comfortably reach your destination.

Now, this type of “trip planning” is available for your physician-owned real estate investments. Having a structure that aligns with the partners’ long-term objectives is like having a compass that guides you through unfamiliar terrain, helping you avoid potential pitfalls and take the most efficient path towards your destination.

The year 2023 marked the introduction of Mentes360, a program designed specifically to optimize the physician ownership of medical properties. Google Maps provides you with the best route options based on traffic conditions, distance, and estimated travel time. It also suggests alternative routes if there are any road closures or traffic jams along your intended path.

Similarly, Mentes360 guides physicians through every step in the ownership process. It provides physician partners with the best route to structure their investment based on expected distributions, equity build-up, and eventual buyouts. And when things don’t go exactly as planned, it helps physicians get back on course.

Mentes360 includes:

An Operating Agreement Decision Guide. We laid out over 75 provisions that are exclusive for physician-owned real estate. This interactive form serves as a detailed map with alternate routes that would ensure the bylaws align with the group’s long-term objectives.

A 30-Year Economic Model. Different philosophies and provisions have varying economic impacts. This model tests the covenants of the Operating Agreement to ensure the sustainability of the investment from both the individual and group perspective.

It can also answer questions such as the impact of different valuation methodologies, expected return for each physician’s investment horizon, the impact of buy-ins and buyouts, and leveraging up vs. paying down debt scenarios.

Investment tools like Mentes360 allow users to navigate physician-owned real estate challenges more effectively. Just as important, they enable physicians to make more informed decisions along the way to support the practice’s growth, just like a traveler who carefully plans their route before setting off and makes adjustments as needed.

Reach out to support@mentes360.com for information on how to access this tool for your practice needs.