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Giving Birth to a New Medical Office Building

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New Project Investment
Giving Birth to a New Medical Office Building

Women’s Healthcare Associates Delivers Quality OB/GYN Options to Oregon

Women’s Healthcare Associates (WHA) of Portland, OR is the largest integrated, independent OB/GYN practice in the country.  WHA is also the largest women-owned business in the Portland metro area and it delivers nearly 15% of the babies born in the state of Oregon.

When WHA wanted to open a new birthing center in the Gateway area of Portland, no suitable buildings or parcels were available; so, the doctors and management of WHA opted to lease a vacant Mexican restaurant that was being marketed for redevelopment and build it out for its practice.  Based on the occupancy date on the lease, WHA began hiring staff and booking patients and deliveries at this location.  Unfortunately, shoddy workmanship by the landlord began immediately, causing delays, permitting problems, and disputes about cost overruns. The landlord then listed the property for sale mid-redevelopment; essentially washing its hands of the project. The doctors of WHA realized they needed to step in and purchase the property and complete the renovation themselves in order to ensure it was done to their standards.  

WHA faced challenge after challenge with issues over easements, shared parking agreements, and environmental hazards. The twists and turns of this new project were so legendary, that the project was awarded the Bill Natio Award, one of the most coveted honors in the real estate industry. This award recognizes the most noteworthy transaction and the initiative, ingenuity, and ability of all the individuals involved. CMAC was proud to assist WHA with its financing of the Gateway birthing center via a ten-year loan with no personal guarantees to the owners.  

The new birthing center opened in February 2017 and joined WHA’s network of 15 clinics across the Portland area.  Congratulations to WHA for its beautiful new location, despite the difficult labor!

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